Cleaning Tips for the Office

Cleaning tips for the office

Whether you work in an office building or from home, here are some useful tips on how to keep your working spaces healthy & positive!

Cleaning electronics

Computers, copy machines and other electronics in a modern office are a good part of its configuration, but they tend to suck in a lot of dust and they get many hands on them, thus becoming one of the dirtiest items around the office. You should wipe your computer screens on a regular basis with a microfibre cloth, blow and clean your keyboards with alcohol. Remove all the keys from a keyboard carefully and arrange them in the order you removed them, then wipe the rest of the keyboard and dig out any food scraps and dust from the gaps, wipe it with alcohol and put the keys back. This will help keep the germs to a minimum and you will have a chance to clean things without a huge mess.

Cleaning the furniture

You should remove everything from your desks once a month or so, as well as your shelves. Follow that up by cleaning them with an all-purpose cleaner, then dust all the books and files and place them back where they belong. If you do this monthly, you won't have a huge mess to deal with a few times a year. You can also dust surfaces each week to keep them looking good and easier to deal with in the long run. Wipe down the office chairs and their surfaces as well for a better result.

Hints and tips

You should do a few small things to keep your office organized and clean, such as bin liners for your bins. This will make their replacement and clean-up much faster. You can also keep a duster on hand for quick and easy cleaning of your desk and shelves. Have disinfectant wipes on hand as well for spills and any other things that may mar the cleanliness of your workplace.

Putting things in order

If you happen to spend quite a bit of time in your office, then you will have the time to organise things in such a manner that you won't have to deal with horrible messes later down the line. All it takes is making sure everything has its place and nothing is left in a big pile, just begging to collect dust and be pushed or spilled. Set up your own system of order and keep things the way you want them to be for a better overall result and easier cleaning efforts whenever you need to do so.