Spring Cleaning and How to Prepare

Spring Cleaning and How to Prepare

Winter is over and that means time to prepare for a good, solid spring cleaning.

When it comes to a commercial facility, spring cleaning refers to the upkeep of those spots around your building that don’t need regular cleaning but do need special attention after the cold months – months where visitors and employees are bringing snow and salt into the facility. For the most part, we’re talking about tough-to-reach and out-of-sight areas that don’t get much notice, but still get dirty. 

Here are a few of the areas within a typical building that benefit from a yearly spring cleaning ritual that are provided by Key support Services:

1. Carpet

Carpets take a beating in winter. Snow, ice, salt, mud and debris are brought in with every shoe that sets foot in your building. A thorough cleaning, especially of high-traffic areas, is a priority because it rejuvenates your carpet’s appearance, adds freshness to the air, and helps extend the life of your carpet. Tough stains are addressed, too, to prevent them turning into repair or replacement issues.

2. Floors: Those “Hidden” Spots

Regular cleaning takes care of the flooring people see, but spring cleaning is the time to “get moving.” That means moving desks, file cabinets, credenzas and large conference tables to get every last bit of dirt and dust. These are spots where dust and grime hide out, both of which contribute to allergic reactions, bacteria and germs. Our carpet cleaning services will ensure a clean, dust & dirt free office space which will be upheld by Key Support Services excellent cleaning operatives and checked by our dynamic management team. 

3. Windows

Winter snow and sleet leave a cloud of residue on windows, and this is the time to clear things up and let the sun shine in! Low windows that may be in contact with salt used to melt snow should get special attention. We provide window cleaning services on an ad hoc basis, our management team will be able to identify any areas that need attention.

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