Public Sector

providing daily cleaning contracts to public sector organisations for over 30 years

Key Support Services managed approach to our public sector contracts guarantees our high standards are always met. 

How it works

Key Support Services has been providing daily cleaning services to public sector organisations for over 30 years. Through our vast experience we understand that public sector organisations are constantly being challenged to reduced costs in cleaning and hygiene. We understand there are performance and environmental targets you must also meet. 

Who we work with

When you are in  the public eye, there is no room for failure when it comes to maintaining excellent hygiene standards. Key Support Services have experience in cleaning Leisure Centres, Schools, Libraries, Local Authorities and Council Office Buildings.

Outsourcing facilities management, including cleaning services, continues to make commercial sense as long as your current service provider is able to save you both time and money. Key Support Services managed approach to daily services guarantees that high standards and budgets are always met. 

   We aim to:

  • Identify cleaning requirements.
  • Set out and implement cleaning specifications. 
  • Allocate resources and staff.
  • Carry out weekly surveillance checks.
  • Provide full risk assessments and method statements.
  • Carry out monthly, percentage scored, quality audits.