Washroom & Hygiene

consistent, reliable daily contract cleaning

Key Support Services understands how important it is to have a high standard of cleanliness within your washroom facilities. It reflects positively upon your organisation when all aspects of washroom hygiene are met.

How it works

We will fulfil the service requirements of your washrooms including; regular servicing of sanitary disposal units and replenishment of your air fresheners and more. You can rest assured you will receive a quality service to ensure users feel comfortable and respected.

We can supply all of the products necessary for your washrooms directly to you in collaboration with our hygiene partners.  

   Our washroom services include:

  • Feminine hygiene and nappy disposal units.
  • Automatic wc and urinal maintenance.
  • Water management.
  • Soap dispensers.
  • Warm air hand dryers.
  • Continuous odour control systems.
  • Dual and multi produce vending.
  • Dust control mats, supply and maintenance.